Smart home device testing – Mercator Ikuü

Currently testing some of the following home automation device by Mercator Ikuü.

  • WiFi 3 Gang Smart switch
  • Zigbee 2 Gang Smart switch
  • Zigbee Hub
  • Zigbee motion sensor

Mercator Ikuü products

Mercator Ikuü is an Australian-owned brand offering smart home products that are simple to install, quick to set up and easy to use. The intuitively designed app and broad range of luxury products provide a convenient way to create an entirely personalised system.

If you are build home automation for the first time, one of the simplest way to start will be choosing a product series who has wide range of products. When I look into the range of products available for this series I was blown out.

What’s inside

First i Open the WiFi 3 Gang Smart switch. Looking inside the smart switch and some how it looks familiar. Main IC is the WB3S.