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I believe in experement, as a developer I can take different path for same outcome. In life we have ups & downs, good times & bad. Each day will bring new opportunities if you look for it.

Do you know the average Android and iOS app file size?

Jan 6, 2020

Mobile Apps Facts Do you know the average Android and iOS app file size? Of all mobile apps published on the app stores, the average Android app file size is...

Frequency capping not working in Adobe Target SDK implementation

Nov 8, 2019

Westpac App uses Target to send notifications. Notification Campaign should be shown only once per device. However, same notification is shown multiple times. Let’s talk about the symptoms and ways...

Chatbot tracking in Adobe analytics

Nov 2, 2019

If you like to track chatbot activity into analytics what chatbot events should we consider. Each of the chat application comes with some set reporting. But those report can be...

Adobe Target implementation via Target API

Nov 1, 2019

Adobe Target implementation via Target API Westpac is using adobe target for last few years. We have done few implementation some via the JS in public website, mobile apps placement...

How to get realtime AAM segments in Targets for Mobile apps or Target API

Oct 25, 2019

how to make sure you get real-time audience segments for target (SDK or API implementation)? If you are using frequency capping for any target campaigns how to make sure you...

How to make a4t works for Adobe target API implementation

Sep 5, 2019

how to make a4t works for API/non standard (non sdk/Non JS) target implementation? If you want to use target without standard JS OR SDK methods via Target API than you...

My Blog:Jekyll+git+aws s3+aws cloudFront

Sep 5, 2019

Creating static blog site may not be good idea but for me i was not happy with all the issue with wordpress or CMS. over here i will explain why...

Useful Jekyll info

Sep 3, 2019

Jekyll commands jekyll exists $ jekyll -v New project $ jekyll new shafi Add new GEM $ bundle Run build script $ bundle exec jekyll build run as localhost $...

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