Hosting my blog in AWS

This time I am using AWS Lightsail to host my WordPress blog site. When we run this on Lightsail as WordPress it was simple to setup. The setup looks very simple as per the diagram (phase 1).

I started looking into the performance of the server and started noticing to cpu utilization. I believe I was the only person using the site for publishing contents. I have noticed few times CPU uses were higher than what is allocated to me. Good thing about AWS is it supports going over my CPU limits.

This will be a problem when my site will get some traffic. To reduct the loads from the CPU one option is to host all the static images through CDN. For this, I have run a small script to publish all the uploaded images form Lightsail to a S3 bucket. By using AWS cloudFront (CDN) all static images will be cashed in edge node.

I have one more option to play. If wordpress needs some more CPI or memory I can always add those from the console. I believe php server and MySQL running on the same instance, will have performance issue. If I come across to this issue I have to migrate the database to AWS RDS and light sail load balancer will do the trick (phase 3).

Current setup should be fine for now; if require I have plan to implement phase 3 using RDS and Lightsail load balancer.