Project 1: Home automation

Thanks to Aslam Vai for agreeing on my first home automation project for his house.

Target Area:

  • Four rooms (Kitchen and media area, Master bedroom, Lounge room and Office room)
  • Replace all light switches with touch wifi switches
  • Add motion and door sensors
  • Manage existing irrigation system (if possible)

Product selection

Firmware updates

I removed most of the default firmware and replaced with open-source Tasmotta firmware. I have used different techiniques to flash the devices. Use of OTA (where ever possible) to remotely update the diriver. Some devices allow API access to remote download and rest of the devices I have used a serial addapter to write into the main IC using TX/RX port.

Flashing the firmware using Tasmotizer


Next, me and Aslam Vai replaced some of the switches in his house. We came across few issues as some of the switches do not have negative (nutral) line. Those places will reqire an electrician to replace those switches.

Aslam vai replacing existing switches

Start of covid lockdown

Due to Sydney covid lockdown start on that evening, I can’t finish setup the Home Assistant server or any sensors. Now I am waiting for the lockdown to over and complete the setup.