Tasmota on esp-01 (esp8266)

I found few old 1st generation ESP-01. I thought lets try to flash this Tasmota firmware and test if it works or not.

Flashing preparation

These ESP modules are sitting in my boxes over 5 years collecting dusts. Within these time Espressif went through few upgrades and security patches. Few ways I can update the firmware

  • Using Arduino uno as ISP
  • Using an FTDI adapter

I want to avoid Arduino path as this required multiple step process. I want to use the FTDI adapter with Tasmotizer to flash Tasmota directly into the ESP-01.

ESP-01 (esp8266 pinout)

Connection is following follow the steps as blakadder site: 

  • Vcc = 3.3V FTDI/Serial interface
  • Gnd = ground FTDI/Serial interface
  • CH_PD = Chip enable so always +Vcc
  • RST = Leave floating or ground to reset
  • GPIO0 = Normally floating but this needs to be grounded when you start the update.
  • UTXD = Tx data connect to Rxd on FTDI/Serial interface
  • URXD = Rx data connect to Tx of FTDI/Serial interface
Connection diagram

Flashing with Tasmotizer

After few try I manage to upload the Tasmota firmware into the ESP-01.

Using Tasmotizer to flash the esp01

Testing after firmware upgrade

Now I want to run a simple test to check if I can use the ESP-01 with Tasmota.


I have setup the Tasmota successfully but i can not activate the relay. After few fail attempt i start searching in google and found the following article https://www.esp8266.com/viewtopic.php?p=88847

For this wifi relay module, because there are some counterfeit on other sales platform. So if the LED on-board (D2) are blink constantly (I guess the reason is the STC15F104W have not been programmed), it means the module were not produced in our factory, maybe you need to contact the seller directly. Best regards!



So my product is counterfeit as a result I can not control the relay. My esp-01 is working as expected and i manage to flash the processor with Tasmota.