Home assistant LocalTuya vs Tuya integration

I have setup few home automation using Home assistant in few of my friends places. I was really happy with the Deta grid connect products. My preferred framework was Tasmota (Open source and local control). But Deta start swapping the Expressive ESP chip to a different chip. As a result I have two options in home assistant use Tuya integration (official) or LocalTuya (community build and local control).

As I have use my Tuya IOT account and apps to setup all the devices for my friends house. when I connect the home assistant with Tuya IOT account all my friends devises start showing up on all the home assistance instances. And that create confusion.

I have tried to setup multiple project within Tuya IOT account but its only allowed 2 projects. As I have use my app to setup all devices. When I connect Smart life app to Tuya IOT account all device is shown on all projects. Also linking and unlinking device option is not enable to each project. May be paid service will have those option enabled.

LocalTuya is community build and local control extension. To setup this I need 4 details (device IP, Local Key, device ID & device name). You can read this “how to get those values“.

Now I can use LocalTuya to connect to connect all the device into home assistant without using the Tuya integration. One note I have to assigning static IP to all Tuya device from the router. LocalTuya will not work if the device IP address get changed.

Using localTuya I manage to setup only the devices within that home. No more conflict with other property and best of all I have local control.


  • Make sure all device has Static IP (Fixed ip) address