Automate garage door

if you have a garage door you like to open using you mobile phone. Easiest option is using Shelly 1 or Shelly Plus 1. It has dry contact relay meaning supplied power will not exposed to any voltage. It works as on/off switch. We will discuss 2 options today.

Option 1: Get AC power from main

Additional items for AC connection

We will need an Ac plug & Double adapter (if connection point not available)

Option 1: Direct connect to AC

Option 2: Get DC volt from exposed output

Option 2: DC 24 Volt from Garage Door opener

Final connections

Connection Diagram

How to identify the connection for the switch?

Go through the product manual and identify the contact points for push switch or dry contact points. Following example we can use Pin 1 & 2 for our Shelly dry contact relay.

Final connection

Shelly Apps settings

Go to app settings and activate Auto off after 1 sec. This will make sure the button is activated for 1 sec only.

Adding a magnetic door open sensor will show door status (open or closed) describe here