Bunnings home automation

Bunnings is the popular Australian household hardware chain. To explain home automation they use the following banners for Smart home lighting. For smart home lighting smart switch should be in the list.

Smart home lighting


You don’t always need to replace all your existing lights to smart lights. If can make your existing light smarter my adding smart switch instead. Replacing switch is less expensive and if you use WiFi switches you don’t need another (Zigbee) hub to control the devices.

About Phillips

Try to avoid Phillips smart light system where possible. Philips Hue uses Zigbee protocol so you need additional Phillips Hub to control those device. Even if they use Zigbee protocol they don’t work with other zigbee devices/systems.

Smart switches

Good news is Bunnings also sell WiFI smart switches that can replace existing light switches. Deta Grid Connect products are Australian certified and use WiFi network (No additional hub required) and you have the physical button to press.