Upgrading my home network

Last month i have upgraded my home network because of the following issues.

  • My Belong router is not powerful enough to support my needs
  • I hardly get any WiFi signal in my workplace downstairs
  • Current modem doesn’t support security or openDns etc ..

I have bought the following

  • Ubiquiti dream machine (UDM)
  • Ubiquiti Access point (UAP-AC-Lite)
  • Ubiquiti 5 port switch (USW-Flex-Mini)

WiFi 5 vs WiFi 6?

As i was upgrading my network my first thought was upgrading to WiFi 6. only few WiFi 6 routes available right now with reasonable price. some of the routes can not connect to the NBN directly (required ISP routes as bridge mode). Some of the security features are only available in monthly subscriptions.

WiFi Mesh vs Access point

My experience with mesh network is not great, so I have picked wired access point solution in my new setup.

Why Ubiquiti dream machine (UDM)?

Very powerful and I can connect directly to NBN without needing to use ISP supplied router.

The following video explain the UDM capability and setup

 Ultimate Home Network 2021 | VLANs, Firewall Rules, and WiFi Networks for IoT