How to make a4t works for Adobe target API implementation

how to make a4t works for API/non standard (non sdk/Non JS) target implementation?

If you want to use target without standard JS OR SDK methods via Target API than you have to create the feedback loops via the analytics to make the A4T (Analytics for Target) works

Two ways to do this

Web SDID to stitch the journey


1# Generate new server state with SDID (on page or server side)

2# pass part of the Target API call

3# when the content is displayed on the page

4# reset the visitor server state on the page

4# trigger analytics call (make sure SDID exist on the request)

Mobile APPS tnta to stitch the journey


1# Source MCMID, locationHin, locationBlob

a# For iOS (assuming customer is not using App Groups):

NSUserDefaults *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
NSString *locationHint = [defaults objectForKey:@"ADBMOBILE_PERSISTED_MID_HINT"];
NSString *locationBlob = [defaults objectForKey:@"ADBMOBILE_PERSISTED_MID_BLOB"];

b# For Android:

// where “this” is an Activity

SharedPreferences preferences = this.getSharedPreferences("APP_MEASUREMENT_CACHE", 0);
String locationHint = preferences.getString("ADBMOBILE_PERSISTED_MID_HINT", null);
String locationBlob = preferences.getString("ADBMOBILE_PERSISTED_MID_BLOB", null);

2# Pass all this part of the Target API Call

3# part of the Target API response you will have tnta

    "content": "some content",
    "clientSideAnalyticsLoggingPayload": {
    "pe": "tnt",
    "tnta": "86492:0:0|0,86492:0:0|2,86492:0:0|1"
    } 4# Pass this value from analytics call

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